Immigration visa requirements for students going to USA

Getting visa to study in the United states of America can be time consuming but an easy procedure .

When a college or university accepts a student for admission ,the school will send a document called I-20 form ,which is the application for  an F-1 visa.
For exchange visitors,a form called DS-2019(Non immigrant visa electonic application) will be sent which is the application for J-1 visa.The M-1 visa is given for students with non-academic or vocational training purpose.The name and spelling in the passport should be the same as in the application.An appointment for a visa interview needs to be made with the US embassy .
The embassy concerned can be found at http://www.usembassy.gov/.
 A fee of 200USD is collected towards SEVIS ,to record the stay of the student in US computer systems.
The fees can be paid at https://fmjfee.com/index.html .
A non immigrant visa form DS-160 must be filled online at 
The next step is preparing for the visa interview .
To succeed in the visa interview the student must demonstrate enough finance to sustain his studies as well as have a valid response towards his intent to return
The status of the application can be checked at 
If the visa is rejected the candidate can appeal at usembassy.state.gov.
If the visa is accepted it will be sent shortly after the visa interview. A full time student will receive an F-1 or M-1 visa .The spouse or children would receive an F-2 or M-2 visa. An exchange visitor would receive a J-1 visa .
The visa process would go smoothly if the student is calm ,professional ,confident and truthful .Details of bank statements to demonstrate proper financing a valid intent to return will aid the student in getting the visa easily.Producing false documents or information would immediately disqualify the student .Family members who wish to visit the student will be given B-2 visa.If the student is away from studies for more than 5 months a new F-1 or M-1 visa needs to be issued ..

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