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About Us

The dynamism associated with the ever-changing business environment demands prospective students across the globe who desires to be relevant in their chosen field of study to apply for admission in colleges and universities with dynamic and up-to-date curriculum, a multi-cultural friendly environment, technologically-driven teaching tools, and more importantly a coalition with companies and organizations outside of the four walls of tertiary institutions. It amazingly staggering to discover the rate at which several body of knowledge is becoming obsolete and irrelevant to the reality of the present day social, political, economic, scientific, engineering, technology, and business environment. This is traceable to the disconnection between the ‘classroom’ and the ‘boardroom’. Despite this lapses, certain colleges and universities across the globe have maintain an unflinching connection with the trend outside of the classroom to nurture and build a culture of excellence in their students during their course of study and after graduation.

Are you in a dilemma about the choice of institution in which to study? Are you interested in studying abroad, but not sure of the right path to take in achieving your academic dreams and goals? Have you applied in several institutions abroad without been granted admission? We’ve got the solution! Coming in contact with us is a proof that you’re one step closer to the achievement of your academic dreams. Over the years, ISPC has helped numerous students from every part of the world to achieve their academic dreams and goals, by providing excellent educational consultancy services. The organization has relentlessly and vigorously pursued excellent relationship with top profile universities and colleges in more than 20 countries of the world, by offering consultancy services and also giving assistance in their admission process. ISPC is a known brand with integrity, ingenuity, proficiency, efficiency and excellent service.

In helping students who desire nothing but the best across the globe to achieve their educational dreams and goals, and also to secure admission into colleges and universities, known for excellence academic culture, multi-cultural academic environment, twenty-first century academic teaching tools and top-profile academic staffs, the International Student Placement Consultants (ISPC), offers students diverse services as it relates with identifying such tertiary institutions of their dream, collating and arranging admission requirements, interfacing with such institutions, providing unprecedented and innovative career counseling, and other educational and career services. The in-depth understanding about the educational system, coupled with years of experience in educational consultancy, and a passion to see students who desire the best in their educational and career pursuit achieve their dreams, ISPC has kept breaking new grounds, creating a paradigm shift in educational consultancy, and more importantly setting the pace for other educational consultant to follow.


The cross-cultural dimension involved in recent management practices and working relationships across organizations is giving students who study abroad advantage over their counterparts who did not have that experience. The ability to work with and manage people from different cultural background, different ideological inclination and divergent philosophies is one of the major attributes and qualities organizations look after from their employees. These characteristics are easily experienced and gathered from attending schools abroad. Studying abroad offers prospective students the opportunity to associate with people from different continents of the world, in which cultural elements are exchanged such as language, philosophies, ideologies, cultural ethics and the like. It makes the students to explore diverse perspectives about issues especially during interactive sessions. In addition, more advanced knowledge is accessed about the new trend in science and technology as a result of the advancement in technology in those foreign countries.


The competitiveness in the job market is demanding from prospective applicant some level of academic exposure, career experience and highly optimized aptitude. Undertaking Masters Courses in a recognized university offers students the opportunity to discover, nurture and develop these important qualities. It also gives students the privilege of conducting research in a technologically driven laboratory, coupled with the privilege of relating with respected researchers in their respective field of study. The significance of this exposure to students is the development of excellent leadership skills, building a network of career individuals, character development and more importantly competence in their field of study and research, which will eventually culminate into securing the job of their dreams. It is important to establish this fact that, most of the known universities offer their Masters Courses in English, giving international students the chance to enroll.


The role of technology in making the world a global village has created a place for multi-lingual professionals to translate different languages. Organizations trying to invade different countries with their products need translators to change their products description to the local language of those countries. Student enrolling for linguistics courses are gaining and accessing diverse opportunities as a consequence of these developments. Apart from the business opportunities, other importance associated with enrolling in language, includes; developing communication skills, developing an elaborate vocabulary in your dialects and also giving a leveraging platform in an organization.


The recent expansion in the field of engineering has led to the segmentation and further splitting of several fields in engineering. Engineering is a discipline, profession, or practice that involves the development, acquisition and deployment of knowledge and its relevance to the development, design and creative use of materials, machines, processes, system for a particular reason. The field of engineering has further been broken into several other sub-fields such civil engineering, mechanical, chemical, electrical, electronics, and later in the late twentieth century emerged the computer and software engineering field. ISPC offers prospective students the right counseling in achieving their engineering academic and career objectives.

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