Advantages of studying in Ireland

Referred to as one of the friendliest countries in the world according to Lonely Planet, Ireland is an excellent destination for many international students. Not only is the country famous for the many hospitable things it has, it is equally an abode to many of the world’s finest international conglomerates and multinational corporations including Apple, Google, GSK, and IBM. This makes it a good place for the students who would like to get a career after studies in the country. These and other factors including great history, excellent cultural heritage, and beautiful tourist attractions make the country a destination for over 35,000 international students from all walks of life.

  • Ireland is one of European’s most entrepreneurially oriented countries; you can achieve your career prospects there.
  • You also get to live in the one and only English speaking nation in the entire Eurozone.
  • Ireland has been and is still one of the world’s most safest and peaceful nations.
  • When you choose to study in Ireland, be assured that you are going to really chill out a lot as there are a lot of entertainment-oriented spots. The country is just awesome and you get to enjoy whatever you’ve ever dreamed of.
  • Irelands also gives you the opportunity to appreciate not just tourism centres of the highest beauty, but also of historic issues, thus you get to appreciate history.
  • An excellent and internationally-accredited educational system
  • Exposure of international students to many cultures and international conglomerates, helping them plan a better future
  • Access to a relatively cheaper but quality education
  • An educational system that broadens your mind
  • Gives you a strong standing against any other student of any university in the world


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