Advantages of studying in Russia

When you choose to study in Russia, there are a lot of benefits, and among them include:

  • A cheaper tuition and additional educational costs
  • An opportunity to access different cultural backgrounds
  • A well organized and highly standardized international educational system
  • A wide array of under and post graduate programs, as well as many universities to choose from
  • An exciting student life and a chance to build an international career after school.
  • A large number of higher educational institutions: over 800 universities, over 200 subject areas, and more.
  • You also get an opportunity to learn Russian.
  • As the largest country in the world in terms of land area, you get to have a lot of opportunities ahead of you.
  • An exciting student life filled with journeys to some of the world’s best tourist centres in Russia.
  • Different climatic zones, different curriculum, but all adapted for international students.


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