Career Counseling

Counselling and guidance to the student

Most international students these days find it so difficult adjusting with whatever system that they come across. As a result of the change in environment, most students are caught up in the web of financial and educational mismanagement. Managing their finances at their new environment, coping with the educational system to achieve their academic laurels, and blending these two become virtually impossible for some international students. Also, many prospective international students do not find it easy choosing the right program or the right school or even a study abroad destination.

The solution to these problems lies in using the Counselling and Guidance services provided by International Student Placement Consultants. We have the experts in guidance and counselling to guide you towards making a good decision. Right from your study abroad destination to choosing the right program for your future career to blending both academic and financial lifestyle for future success, International Student Placement Consultants will guide you to make the best decision.

We don’t just give guidance and counselling for that sake. Since everybody is unique in their needs, our team of experts make sure that the counselling they give you is tailored to your needs as an international student. At International Student Placement Consultants, we keep you first and make sure that whatever guidance you get from us, is unique to your needs alone.

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