Cost of education in New Zealand

The cost of tuition and other educational cost differ from school to school. Most public educational institutions, however, maintain the same fees and other education costs.

For undergraduate study in New Zealand courses, fees come between NZ$18,000 and $25,000 each year. Thus, the differences in the cost depend on the kind of program you are running. For postgraduate courses, the cost is up to NZ$40,000 annually. Other educational expenses including text books, photocopies, etc might come around NZ$500 a year.


Cost of living in New Zealand

The cost of living, though might be different depending on the differences in spending by any international student. On average, living cost is between NZ$100 and 200 per week for both accommodation and food. Fares for transportation stands around NZ$30 to 60 per week. For the best information, it is always good to look out for the best consultant service in New Zealand so that things can go on well for you.


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