Guide to studying in Spain

Being among the best destination for international students if you study in Spain your friends will surely jealous you. With a national dialect that is the second most used language in the world, you can’t beat Spain when it comes to learning another language and enriching your CV. In 2014, it was the third best tourist destination per the United Nations World Tourism Organisation. The country is home to many tourists from all walks of life.

Not just tourists, but Spain is among the best countries in Europe that welcomes a large number of international students every year. With its stunning lifestyle, historically-oriented tourist’s attractions, excellent educational system, good universities, and cultural heritage, there is nothing you wouldn’t get as an international student who wants to study in Spain.

Inside Spain, whiles you get to have a feel of history; it is also a town where the cosmopolitan and affluence feel of modernized Western Europe is combined with that of southern European charm.

The country is home to over 70 universities with two third being public ones and the others being private. In 2014-15, two universities from Spain were found within the 200 best universities in the world. At Spain, you don’t just get to speak Spanish, you also get to meet a culture that understands many languages and you would surely enjoy. If you want to have all the details of studying in Spain, you would need to get a good consultant service in Spain to take you through proper advice, guidance, and counselling.


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