Scholarships for studying in China

There are a great number of scholarships for international students to study in China. Those who want these scholarships need to be sponsored by the sponsoring institution. There are various institutions that give scholarships to international students including the Chinese Government, Embassies in China, and some private organisations. For the right Chinese Scholarship seek advice at International Student Placement Consultants and your journey to China will surely be a fruitful one.

Eligibility for scholarships

For most scholarships, an international student is only legible to apply after being admitted by a recognized and internationally-accredited Chinese University. However, though there are general requirements, eligibility of these scholarships differ from one scholarship to the other depending on the funding agencies.

in China? Then this is the right time for you. To do so, you should first be ahead of the crowd and build a complete understanding of the entire China. This will help you cope as an international student. Choosing china as your study abroad destination is awesome and to make it better, International Student Placement Consultants is here to provide you all the necessary information.


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