Scholarships for studying in Russia

Russia is a favourite destination for many international students. In order to help these students achieve their dreams without having to go through financial difficulties, a lot of scholarship schemes have been developed to help.

Right from government-funded to individually finance to institutionally financed, one can get the chance to have a scholarship to study in Russia. These organisations and individuals ensure that international students who want to study in Russia achieve their aims even if their financial backgrounds are not that great.

Getting the right scholarship that will support you is not easy. That’s why it’s advisable to always use International Student Placement Consultants as your point of call to all information on scholarships in Russia.

Eligibility for Russian Scholarships

There’s no one rule to getting scholarships to study in Russia. The eligibility differs depending on the institution or individual offering the scholarship. Since it’s difficult having access to the requirements of qualifying for a scholarship, you need to seek guidance and advice from the best source. International Student Placement Consultants will help you find out what it takes to win a scholarship to Russia.


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