Scholarships for studying in the Philippines

There are a lot of scholarships in Philippines for international students. Most of these scholarships are provided by the government. These government-funded scholarships are open to international students as well. There are other scholarship opportunities that are funded by non-government organisations in Philippines and elsewhere.

When it comes to scholarships, some of the universities in the country also offer international students scholarship opportunities. If you do not have the budget to complete your education, you should seek for help on how to get financial aid.

The scholarships range from full-funded to partially-funded. Some are also just for tuition fees waivers, especially those provided by the universities. For the best of advice on how to get scholarships, the right place is always International Student Placement Consultants.

Scholarship eligibility

The eligibility for any of the scholarships in Philippines for international students differs from one scholarship to the other. Those offered by government have different requirements from those offered by schools and institutions like NOGs. That’s why you should come for help at International Student Placement Consultant for advice on how to meet all the requirements.


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