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You are going to take your education abroad. Now you are done with almost everything. However, one thing that is neck breaking the processing of your visa. If care is not taken, your visa might delay you and you will miss a lot by the time you arrive, that’s if your admission to your school is not even taken away.

International Student Placement Consultants will help you fast track the processing of your visa. So you get access to your visa on time and to prevent your admission from being nullified.


There are many international students still struggling with getting visa. At International Student Placement Consultants, we will ensure that your visa application is processed smoothly. We have all the visa experts to assist you in every aspect right from application, financial statements, organizing and sorting out all necessary documents and finally getting your hands on your visa.

Getting a visa may come with an interview and many would be international students end up failing the interview. At International Student Placement Consultants, we will give you a one-on-one guide and tips on how to successfully pass the interview and get your visa. Getting visa has always been a headache for potential international students, however, at ISPC; we make the visa acquisition process simple, friendly, and without hassles.

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