Vision & Motivation

At International Student Placement Consultants, nothing motivates us than meeting your study abroad needs. As a company that understands the exact needs of prospective international students, we find happiness in helping you plan and select your study abroad destination, give you insightful information on your prospective country and university, and guide you in settling. That’s what makes us feel good and motivates us.

At the end of our future road, we see nothing, but a happy international student. Our vision is to create an environment for easy access to study abroad information, guidance and counseling on choosing international programs, universities, and countries, and helping prospective International students with temporary accommodation planning. We would be the one-stop-shop for everything studies abroad and international education.

  • We don’t just help you select a study abroad destination, we help you build a future career
  • A one-stop-shop for authentic and up-to-date country specific information
  • The right place for guidance and counselling on international education
  • We are the starting point for your success in international education
  • We have the best of experts that make our services awesome
  • We give advice to students through our comprehensive and insightful data to help parents and students come together to plan the life of their wards.

About ISPC

International Student Placement Consultants (ISPC) is the leading source of guidance, counselling, and information on international educational opportunities for students from all walks of life. Through our experts, up-to-date insightful information, and excellent research, we provide a guide to prospective study abroad students on the right educational program, health and general insurance, country-specific information, temporary accommodation planning, and many more.

For over 10 years, we have helped many students plan for their entire future. We know that an excellent future starts with good planning. At ISPC, we guide students and parents alike to make the right study abroad choices. We use the right tools to give you information on scholarships, financial aid for students, travel and additionally useful information.

As we continue to boom and offer more of our services, we are geared towards sustaining our expert and leadership position that offers the best information, resources, products, and services for international students. Our tools are awesome, the team is awesome, and that is all thanks to you. Come and let’s serve you like never before.

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